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TTW team,

TTW team,

Just wanted to say thanks for the all the hard work and effort on this. Much appreciated and looking forward to the next update.




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I do like the train it fits

I do like the train it fits to New Vegas since they do use trains there. But I really liked FWEs motorcycle travel. I think that it would be really cool to have that as the mode of transport. I dont really know much about scripting but I did give it a shot and was able to get the motorcycle working in FO3. I did have to remove a lot from FWE because it wont work together with Project Nevada. I had to remove craft and the special workbench script too because they dont work with FNV.

So I was thinking of using the mod Craft Master with it instead. Not really sure on that. I did get a fuel recipe working by just making a new one the normal way. I was wondering though is how do I get the info so that I can make it able to fast travel in FNV. I thought it would be cool to be able to use the motorcycle similar to the train to get there. I think though that I will probably have to rewrite the menu system because so much is stripped out that it leaves a lot of bloat that isnt needed. Any thoughts or tutorials any one can show me would be a big help.


Thanks for this mod it is really cool.Great work maybe they should hire you guys for the next Fallout