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TTW Player House and Hardcore Mode suggestion

Another of my crazy ideas, but I noticed that having the FO3 player house with the extra stuff we buy for it makes it possible for hardcore mode not be as much hardcore anymore, what I mean is that the "My First Infirmary" removes some of the hardships that FNV give to the player in hardcore mode like instant healing limbs, health and removing all rads.

I don't play much hardcore mode due to making testing TTW take longer than I like unless I am testing something related to Hardcore mode of course but shouldn't the "My First Infirmary" be made less effective in hardcore mode? Maybe costing some caps (like half the price of a doctor or a bit less), have limited uses per day/2 days/3 days/etc, not restore health or limbs to full condition and the same with rads (maybe like the healing arches in MZ when we don't tamper with them).

I don't really know, I am not an hardcore player so I might be terribly wrong about the whole "My First Infirmary" and Hardcore mode. Expect hardcore gamers to speak their pieces .


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I need to raise the prices of

I need to raise the prices of that stuff to match the new economy, but its shear cost should be what balances it. In FO3, getting enough money for the infirmary wasn't especially difficult, but you were a ways in to the game before it happened.