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TTW is now on Discord!

Join us on Discord here!

We have moved our chat to Discord mainly because of the larger community, the ease of use, and the excellent mobile app. We hope you'll enjoy the new chat as much as we do.

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in the end, the TTW group

in the end, the TTW group will continue to ban me. they do not like me. they treat me as though I am nothing but garbage buried in dirt. they would not think twice about banning me from the TTW site. Which would prevent me from accessing updates in the future. because they do not think of me as a fellow human being. I an nothing, not even worth a second of their time. It is just easier to ban someone the moment they say something that is not liked. It is censorship at its finest. Instead of letting people speak freely, in a General chat no less. they Ban those who feel depressed and speak it. Feelings are not allowed in the TTW Discord nor chat. otherwise they will ban you and prevent you from contributing or interacting with them and their product.


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If you were banned from the

If you were banned from the site you wouldn't be able to post that...

You got banned from the discord for posting political "news" articles over and over (7 or so) on the channel that specifically says it is not to talk or discuss politics after one admin and 3 mods warned you several times to stop doing it because it is against the rules.

You did the same on our chat here, so you got banned from the chat too.

You still have all the access you had in the past on the forum here. Believe it or not we are quite tolerant.

No one treated you as garbage or trash, some people from the community even tried to be understanding and supportive when you started talking about your mental issues. But when people told you you seem like you need to try and change your life to the best (force of will and therapy) or getting medical help all you said was "I don't want to". And then you started to say you were proud of being banned from discords and forums since 2004 and even called it an achievement. While we are understanding about mental illness, that doesn't give our community license to use it as an excuse for unwanted behavior.

Then you went and started to talk about how you like to walk around with a gun while drunk (and posting a picture of your gun) and your posts started to get worst and worst...

It is obvious that unfortunately you disturb the chat/discord and it wasn't the first time it happened (and you were warned then before) so we banned you from these services.

You're still allowed to the site and to use TTW if you want to, even after this rather sour post you made there (just don't break the rules here on the forum too or we will have to unfortunately ban you here too).

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