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The TTW Installer can't find my Fallout 3 DLC and won't install because of it.

I decided with my new computer, I could run Tale of Two Wastelands for once and I freshly installed Fallout New Vegas and 3. I download the installer and chose a destination for the TTW fomod and I put the locations of my Fallout NV and 3 (Both Steam GOTY). For some reason, the installer says that it can't find any of the Fallout 3 files it needs.

Here is a picture of what is happening. Please, help!!!

My PC Specs:

A GTX 960,

i5-4690 @ 3.5 GHz


Windows 8.1 x64

TTW Version Compatibility: 



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Check to make sure you have

Check to make sure you have ownership of the folders, and make sure the files are actually there. If they are then make sure they are not set to Read Only.

There can be an issue with programs on your desktop not being able to access other drives, try moving the installer folder to the root of the drive your games are on.

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I would suggest that you try

I would suggest that you also move your steam folder outside the program folder. Helps resolve a lot of issues especially with Windows. It's really pretty easy to do and you can do a search on the web to detail what you need to do. I actually have a second HD that I install all of my games including steam to. Works like a champ....

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Go to the data folder and

Go to the data folder and make sure it's not read only. Even if the DLC is not read only if the data folder is then the DLC files will be

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I'm thinking this might be a

I'm thinking this might be a Windows 10 UAC thing.  I ran into the same issue when I tried to reinstall TTW after upgrading to Windows 10.  I had also decided to move my Steam directory to D:\Games instead of the default program files path so I didn't have either fallout 3 or NV installed anymore. 

I ran the TTW installer as administrator and it said it couldn't find either game so I put the correct path in and set my TTW directory and it failed to find any of the required files.  It did however create the TTW directories.  I exited and tried again and this time it found everything and generated my files. 

The only other snag I ran into was that the first time I had the installer generate files, it seems that my fallout3.esm must have been corrupted or something because TTW couldn't find one of the voice files.  I deleted fallout3.esm and verified the game cache in Steam so I got a fresh copy and then it worked fine.

Edit:  Did run into 1 other snag.  MO didn't seem to like the FOMOD for the optional files.  I had to just zip up all of those files and install them without the FOMOD.  Seemed to work fine that way.  The FOMOD for the main TTW install worked fine.