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I agree. TTW's transit method

I agree. TTW's transit method was recently changed, and that mod probably uses the old version. In short, You're flipping a switch connected to a black hole.

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I take it this mod doesn't

I take it this mod doesn't work anymore?


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I just registered to ask for

I just registered to ask for someone to fix this mod please! I don't know how to do it myself and I think it would be a great addition to anyone's modlist...

Thanks in advance!

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I too would like this mod

I too would like this mod continued. It adds an interesting twist to the plot and the story in general. To get to your dad, you have to go to Vegas, spend four years searching and thus find it before being shot. Then you have to get it back from the man who shot you, since you've been spending a bit of your life looking for the Platinum Chip, only to have it taken when you were so close. But you're not about to let it get out of your grasp after those years of looking for it. 

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Chaophim wrote:

Chaophim wrote:


One thing I'd enjoy, even if it wasn't a global thing, is to maybe give Three Dog and Mr. New Vegas copies of each other's discographies, so that there would be a mixed variety in both places instead of the same five-ish songs played over and over ad nauseum.

Keep in mind, there are radio station mods you can compare with, revamp, or actually use (regarding the 5 songs part of the comment).  For example, GNR Enhanced.. when it comes to the main story line things.  You may need to add more dialogue and such to fill in on what's been happening within the Mojave and the Capital Wasteland.

Now the question is:  Several years later.. has this mod been created or implemented?  I like the idea behind it and some of the ideas tossed out there for it.  However, it seems like it would have to be a lot put into it to make it happen.  I wished I had better modding experience, or I'd be making mods too!  But, currently, I can only think of ideas without much hands on to make them happen.


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