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TTW / Cube Experimental incompatibility

Right, it appears there is a nasty texture issue in the cube area with the massive pipes. Textures pop in and out very jarringly. In the Youtube videos of Cube for F3 there is no texture issues that I can see.

Pic 4 is normal, but in pic 3 the texture outlined in red should not be there. It looks like an archiveinvalidated issue a little bit, but that's not possible.

If you're thinking of running both mods, be aware of this.

EDIT: More problems.It appears that due to the temporary changes that the mod makes to the game engine (can't use pipboy, 3rd person view, zoom etc) you cannot use the first - and vital - weapon that you come across: the suspiciously named 'plasmagrenade'.

This means as far as I can tell, unless you fancy using tgm cheat to get past gun turrets, this mod cannot be completed on the NV engine. A shame, as this is F3's 29th most endorsed mod on Nexus.

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