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TTW Alpha Release

The TTW team is happy to announce that the project is finally going public. In this phase of testing we have disabled the NV start so everyone is playing in the same direction. This will help us track down issues in the Fallout 3 side of the game. Once we feel we have that done as close to 100% as we can get we will reopen the NV start and test in the opposite direction, insuring we are not overlooking any issues or running in circles.

You can find the installer and install instructions in the Alpha Download page.

We have fixed many issues but, there are likely still bugs we have overlooked, which is why we are still in alpha. If you see any bugs, glitches or, other issues feel free to report them on the Bug Tracker. Screenshots, precise descriptions and, locations will help us track down and, fix the issues faster.

We would like to thank our closed alpha testers for all their hard work and hope they keep it up. Also we would like to thank the community for your continued support and interest.

Have fun and please use the Bug Tracker if you find any issues.

- The TTW Team

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