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Survival of the Fittest - Survival food fix [Beta]

So I whipped up a mod to try to address a problem with the Survival skill.

In FNV, the survival skill increases the magnitude of effects of ingestibles marked as "food" in the GECK. 

The problem is that the increase also includes negative effects. If a food item Reduces intelligence, or damages dehydration (makes you more thirsty), these are also magnified by Survival.

This mod uses the magic of JIP and Lutana plugins to scan through every ingestible which is marked as Food, and which has a negative effect associated. For these, it will change the magnitude of the negative effect to 1 divided by the normal survival skill formula. The end result is that this will still be multiplied by the Survival skill, but the fraction cancels out the multiplier, leaving the negative effects as the same base magnitude.

Let me know if there are issues -- I want to have it tested before a general release on Nexus etc.

This requires new NVSE, JIP, and Lutana. I did not add any checking for these in the mod -- if you don't have them by now, that's your problem 


edit: minor update to plugin for quest delay, and GetGameLoaded.

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*puts in must have folder*  

*puts in must have folder*


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maybe a must have like this

maybe a must have like this could be integrated as an option into TTW? To save on esp space