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Stuttering Audio problem

First of all, English isn't my native language, so sorry for my bad English.

My problem is after I've played TTW for a long time (ended main quest and a lot of side quests, played time around 170 hrs), my game starts to act strangely. The one that bothers me is the audio bug. The radio, music, BGM start stuttering after I play the game for about 10-15 minutes. NPC voice sound and other sound effect are normal(gun sound, object dropping sound etc)

This doesn't happen to me before and I don't change anything about the game. I don't use any mod that add/change music in game. Does anyone have the audio problem like me and how to solve this problem? I discussed with my friend and he thinks it might have something to do with the save file size. My save file is 21 mb btw.

If someone can tell what's wrong with my game(or how to fix it), I would be really aprreciated the help.

Thanks for all the help.

I have Fallout3 GOTY and Fallout NV UE.

My PC : Windows 10, intel i7 6700K(not overclocked), RAM 16 GB, GTX 1080
I used Mod Organizer.

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Follow our performance guide

Follow our performance guide to see if that helps. You can also install the OGG/Vorbis updates from the nexus by Kane which fixes a memory leak, a buffer issue, and some other problems in the old OGG/Vorbis libs that shipped with the game.