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Sticky sticks around

This is my first time playing through Fallout 3. I didn't realize that Big Town was not on the way to Vault 87's GECK from Little Lamplight. I'd been listening to Sticky tell stories of Super Dupe Dave for about 2 hours before I got ambushed by the Enclave and sent to Raven Rock. Since escaping, I headed back down to Big Town, save Red, and taught the town how to shoot. Sticky has been following me this entire time.
Even after Big Town's quest is finished, every time I enter a new cell, sticky is right behind me. His dialogue even changed to reflect both that he went to Big Town and I saved the town. Still, he's following me into Megaton and the Citadel.
I tried setting the "It's your Birthday" quest to 100, 200 (no effect)
I tried killing him via console command (goes unconscious)
I tried disabling him
he's still flagged as following me, I still see a marker for him on my map.
I can't figure out the quest stages to shut that off. And I can't find anyone else who's had this problem for FO3.

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go to bigtown, open console

go to bigtown, open console and click on him. type setplayerteammate 0

this was fixed for 3.0