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Running FO3 GOTY ESM's Through GECK

I apologize if my answer is somewhere already within the TTW Forums.  I've searched high and low and can't directly find clear answers.  I've noticed that part of the TTW 3.0 project includes the FO3 GOTY ESM's being updated with the FNV GECK to update the file versions (0.94 to 1.34).  With that in mind, is it safe to run those files within the FNV GECK on our own to update those file versions without reprocussions?

I know I can't reproduce, or even come close, to creating my own TTW 3.0 version.  I'm not trying to do such either.  However, I do like running my FO3 plugins for "other" mod conversions through the GECK as we're supposed to in order to make them TTW compatible.  I am also very moderately comfortable using xEdit to see conflicts and fix some of them accordingly.. either by directly making safe changes, or creating the changes within a Merged Patch, or making my own patches or overrides.

All in all, I'm curious as to how the FNV GECK will change those FO3 GOTY files by running them through it and how much trouble it will be to keep the FO3 files in tact by doing so without messing up my TTW Install (v2.9.4b).  Is this advised to do or not?

Thanks in advance for any of our knowledgeable staff or members who has done this who can answer my question!

NOTE:  TTW Rocks!  Thanks to everyone on the TTW Team and/or anyone who has assisted/tested these changes to make these two games come together and make playing it more enjoyable than ever!

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Not advisable, and you won't

Not advisable, and you won't be able to load Fallout3.esm into GECK, and I'm not going to share how to make this possible.