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Random Crashing (solved)


I have a problem with game constantly crashing randomly, sometimes on save, level up, loading new zone or just walking on the wastelands.

I have reinstalled game and mods, 4Gb patcher, tried performance guide posted here, windows compability, all off the fixes on pcgamingwiki.com, nvsr and nvac and making merge patch via fnvedit. 

Nothing seems to help fixing my problem. i have been troubleshooting and reinstalling stuff for many days.

Sometimes game lets me play for 30min and sometimes it crashes after 1min

My load order is in here. https://pastebin.com/2N2kqT8m

My pc is 3570k, 12Gb RAM, GTX 1070 and windows 10 with the newest update.

Games are Fallout 3 goty from steam and Fallout new vegas ultimate from steam.

Edit: I have installed TTW patch for Project Nevada and type 6m body.

Sedon Edit: After experimenting i have seen that changing 

these lines in New_Vegas_Stutter_Remover.ini also helped with crashing.

bHookCriticalSections= 1 to 0

bHookLightCriticalSections = 1 to 0

iDefaultMode = 3 to 1

TTW Version Compatibility: 



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NVSR is incompatible with the

NVSR is incompatible with the fall creators update.

It's either that, or the hair mod, those are notoriously badly converted.

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At first i played with

At first i played with redesigned (ttw version) and switched to hair mod to see if that mod was reason for crashes. But i will try playing without hair mod or stutter remover.

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After uninstalling hair mod

After uninstalling hair mod and stutter remover game stopped crashing and hanging on loading screens.

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It's likely the Stutter

It's likely the Stutter Remover.  

For some strange reason I had this very problem since last summer.  I only recently decided a few weeks ago to find out why my game was so unstable.  I even did a fresh install, removed TTW, installed the basic stability mods which included Stutter Remover.   Crash issues persisted even with just New Vegas on it's own with just stability mods installed.  

So i really got kind of angry about that.  I thought perhaps Fallout New Vegas just hates Windows 10 and just tried to suck it up for a while.  I stumbled over a thread when googling, and found it seems Windows 10 users may have issues with Stutter Remover.    So I removed Stutter Remover, well two weeks later, only 2 crashes total.  Which is a huge improvement from every 5-30 minutes as it was when I had Stutter Remover installed.  


In short, I think Windows 10 and Stutter Remover hate each other.  I dunno why, I do not make mods myself, and wouldn't know what in it causes the problem.  But I'm glad that for almost a year it was Stutter Remover causing my problems.  

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It affects all versions of SR

It affects all versions of SR as well. I have the same exact issue with SR for FO3 on my W10 laptop that stopped when I removed FO3 SR. Makes sense since they're all based on the same base code (as far as I know).

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Well maybe it should be

Well maybe it should be renamed Stutter Improver, ATM ..

Nanamin, the FIX didn't work for me, still have same issues, but it is nearly always in "late" game for me, I think it is to do with how much Junk I collected, It seems to me, ( I played a game till level 87?, not being a junk collector), the PC is doing something, processing, like crazy just b4 crashing or HANGING to a point, not even Windows Task Manager is Reachable, lucky I use a Windows 7 VM in Linux, or it would be a real pain in the arse .. Yes I tested it with a real Window install of win 7, ( I do have one, it is how I make my VM's), it still crashes, but same as VM, late game level 40 or so (Project Nevada Levels) .. Also I only use 2 of the mods you have, Project Nevada & Mod Config...


So still investigating ...