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Radio Station Bug

This is my first time really using this site despite playing around with TTW about a year ago. Honestly, I have no idea how to use the bug tracker, I tried searching but couldn't see how to post anything and since I can't find a forum category for bugs I'm just posting here. If I'm incorrect in posting it here, can someone direct me on where to post stuff like this?

Anyways, I recently started a playthrough on the latest version of TTW with latest NVSE and FNV4GB and when I start the game, all the radio stations show up during the birth scene. Is this normal? If so it's a little odd and I don't think I recall seeing that in an older version (not sure which).

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For DLC's yes, you can use

For DLC's yes, you can use the mod "Delay DLC" by Gribbleshnibit8 to hide them until you get closer to them.


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If you mean for the DLC,then

If you mean for the DLC,then no.They are only supposed to pop up once you leave the Vault 101 cave.They arent supposed to pop up during the birth scene.