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Question regarding the hotfixes

Sorry if this is obvious, but I'm kind of oblivious to how to do it. The installation guide clearly says how important it is to install the hotfixes... but I'm not actually sure how to. If this were a normal mod, I would just pop the files directly into the games folder... except in this case, there are *three* different games folders; Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and TTW. If I had to make a wild guess I'd say I'm supposed to pop it into the TTW folder, but I wasn't sure as it doesn't have a meshes folder without the hotfixes... and in modding, I've learned to always be as sure of what you're doing as you can.

EDIT: Correction, just the F3 and New vegas folders. Jusdging by how the rest of TTW *appears* to be installed in NV, I'd guess that's were the hotfixes go too. I'd still like to be sure though.

Sorry for what probably has an obvious answer, normally I would ask this in a chat room. But I can't find one for TTW ;>.<

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I'm a bit confused. It's

I'm a bit confused. It's not supposed to be three folders. TTW is a FNV project. Once you install it you should only have to deal with FNV.

You don't do anything else with Fallout 3 after you have TTW installed. You can even uninstall it if you want to (but you will need to install it again if you want to update TTW in the future). So you don't need to worry about installing TTW or FNV mods in FO3.

There shouldn't be a TTW folder either. TTW doesn't have a special folder for it after you install it on FNV. It becomes part of FNV (just like any mod for FNV). TTW only creates a folder when you extract the installer, after it is installed and working, you don't need that folder or files anymore (unless you want to reinstall it later, after you removed it or something).

So, all of this just to tell you that the hotfixes are like a normal mod. You install them like regular Fallout New Vegas mods .

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