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Nah. While it seems like an

Nah. While it seems like an interesting mod, it doesn't offer enough to power armor on its own, in my opinion.

Combined with PPA, they make the ultimate power armor mod, and have surprisingly-close functionality to Fallout 4.

While that was intentional with IPA, with PPA it was coincidence, or Imp and Bethesda looking to the same source for inspiration.


I was also just upset about the mod no longer disabling zooming without either scope or power armor helmets, which is honestly one of the two major reasons I'm considering downgrading. Well, three if you count the non-optional female power armor, but I modified the esm to clear the female model entries.

EDIT: Now that I've gotten more comfortable with fiddling around in my load order, I've noticed that there's no patch for Ambient Temperature. I couldn't find any mention of it whatsoever in the changelog, so I don't know if it's still properly compatible through some script magic, but that's another concerning change.

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There are duplicates(with

There are duplicates(with different IDs, and no DR) spawning for me, and PPA-FO3 exclusive armors(X-03 Resonance, X-02 Tesla, etc.) have no DR for me.  I have the latest version of this mod.  There were even 2 Enclave Onyx troopers at the Crashed Vertibird, with different versions of the Onyx Power Armor, one of which had no DR, and 2 separate versions of the T-51 armor mod at REPCONN HQ, that did not stack with eachother in my inventory(one had the icon, and the other had the description of what it does).


Also there are duplicate underarmors spawning, ones with DR that can't be worn under Power Armor, and ones with DT listed in the "enchantments" section(along with effects like +5 sneak or +15 fire resistance), but not where DT should be listed.

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Power Armor distribution

Power Armor distribution overhaul does that. No i wont fix it