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Plugin Limits
I want to play this game with several mods and they can be summed up in three types: Ones that add more stuff like chems, food, weapons, armor, and gear, ones that make the gameplay more interesting or challenging, but make sense, more quests, and a few extra companions. However it seems if I enable all the mods I wish to use the game stalls on the title screen. As in no menu shows up so I can start the game. The number of plugins is around 140. I can get the menu to load if I only have less than 100 plugins enabled. I wonder if its ok to wait until I reach the Mojave to activate the mods that effect it and deactivate the ones that effect the CW?

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Deactivating mods is never

Deactivating mods is never good mid playthrough, especially ones which have major alterations to either wasteland or game mechanics.