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Personal Questions to the TTW Devs

I've been thinking and after waiting (and still am waiting) for the giant upcoming TTW update, I have a few personal questions for the devs of TTW. Nothing too personal though.

1: After all these years of making and updating this mod, has it been really stressful or did you guys enjoy yourselves over all these years when it came to creating and updating this mod?

2: How has life been going for you guys? Especially since you guys are working so hard on getting the giant update ready?

3: How did you originally come up with the idea for TTW?

4: When the giant update finally arrives and everything goes perfectly, what will you guys do after that happens. Go on a vacation or something?

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1: Sometimes stressful but

1: Sometimes stressful but mostly fun, wouldn't do it if it wasn't.

2: fine

3: Would had to ask MasterYster that... but it seems like a logic thing to do since the engine is very similar.

4: Probably not, will continue updating and improving TTW and making other mods.