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Other Language - TTW 2.4a ONLY

Hi guys and girls!

I am started a new thread because there is better compatibility for other language now!                    

Yes, TTW 2.4a allow to patch your language version of Fallout 3 and it's DLCs ".BSA", it works for me at least ;)

It means that the patcher will perform your language audio's files!

This trick works with TTW 2.4a ONLY, it may works for the other version but i didn't had succes with TTW 2.0 ... Actually, the trick in the FAQ for TTW 2.0 is working but you will not get all of your audio files.


It requires:

* Steam (you can choose the language with Steam)


* Two copy of Fallout 3, your language version and an English one. (legal version, of course)


* A cup of coffee ;)        


Let's start:

1- Install your language version of Fallout New Vegas. (you don't want it in the "Program Files" folder but anywhere else)

2- Install your language version of Fallout 3. (you don't want it in the "Program Files" folder but anywhere else)

3- Make a backup of the Data folder of Fallout 3. (put it in a temporary folder)

4- Deinstall your language version of Fallout 3 and install the English one. (once again, not in the "Program Files") Don't forget to erase "FalloutPrefs.ini" and "Fallout.ini".

5- Make a backup of the plugins of the English Fallout 3. (put it in another temporary folder)

6- Erase all of the "Data" folder of the English Fallout 3 and copy your language "Data" folder instead. Use the backup we did in step 3.

7- Replace the plugins of your language with the English version. Use the backup we did in step 5.

8- Run the TTW 2.4a patcher and wait until the end.

OK... You can now play TTW 2.4a with your language audio's files!

You can now translate the Fallout 3's plugins and TTW 2.4a's plugins.


I tried another program to do it: "ESP-ESM Translation by Epervier 666"

Link: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29457/

Don't worry it is on the Skyrim Nexus but there is some custom databases in the optional files section. Currently there is some databases for the French version of both Fallout.

It seems to work better than EGG Translator, to me at least ;)

Load the patched plugins of Fallout 3, click on "Edit", then "Select all" and press F10.

Press the "Auto-Translate" button (it's a big green arrow) and select a folder to save the translated plugin.

Once you did that for all of the Fallout 3 and TTW's plugins, put it in your Fallout New Vegas folder and replace the "original-patched plugins". Check your load order and you're good to go!


Et voilà ;) It works for the French version. If you got any questions or if you want to slap me for the bad english, just do it!


Edit: since this post, "ESP-ESM Translation" had some bugfixs. 

"Holotape" and some "radio messages" missed some audio after a translation, it's now fixed!


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