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[NO SPOILERS] Tales from the Commonwealth

I got this idea while chatting with some friends this morning. I actually recounted this story yesterday as well. The idea is to post your tales from Fallout 4 while not spoiling anything, that way people who don't have the game can read along as well. These are meant to be stories, but based on real life encounters in Fallout 4. I'll start.

I'd been scrounging for days looking for the last few components I needed to make US Army green paint for my T-45. Not the best color choice by far, but it beats rust. Finally locating what I needed, I hoofed it back to the Red Rocket near Sanctuary Hill and laid down a couple of coats. I made some minor adjustments to the internals as well, then marveled at my work before getting ready to leave.

I'd stepped out of the garage and into the waiting area to grab my gear when Dogmeat let out a deep, low growl and got down into pouncing position. Instinctively, I did the same, as I've learned that my dog is not usually wrong about these things. And then I heard it.

"WHATS THAT? I HEAR SOMETHING IN THERE." That was definitely a Super Mutant. What were they doing in these parts? Were they coming here? How many were out there? I didn't have time to think, let alone look for them. I snuck back into my garage and spun that big wheel on the back of my personal tank, and what was now my savior, to the left. I only hoped Dogmeat would be ok.

I stepped into the suit and as I felt it seal I heard a 'plink' on the ground to my right. A hand grenade had been lobbed through the window of the waiting room and directly into the garage. They knew I was here. Worse, those bastards were hoping for a quick kill and easy loot. Were they looking for me specifically? No, they must be out for fun, looking to maim anything that moves instead of anything specific. I don't think they saw the armor though.

As the flames engulfed me and shrapnel plinked off my armor, as uselessly as mosquitos from before the war, I thought again of my family. The loot they'll find here wont be what they expected. I stepped through the door and out of the flames and the look of surprise in their eyes confirmed my previous thought. They hadn't seen the armor, only me. There were three of them. No matter, my minigun was already spinning up as I stepped out into the sunlight.

So much for that fresh coat of paint.

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Wow, just that short work was
Wow, just that short work was excellent TJ. I'm always inspired and surprised by the amount of creativity I find on these forums. When I get back to my computer I'll try and put up my own tale.

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TJ: You're hired.

TJ: You're hired.

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Wow, that was nice. Makes me

Wow, that was nice. Makes me wonder if there exists a topic like this for TTW stories.