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New Fallout 4 information.
  1. A museum has been confirmed as a location, where a painting is emphasized upon.
  2. The Mr. Handy companion (Codsworth) is shown calling the player-character everything from Shaun, to Fuckface.
  3. River, the lead level-designer for Fallout 4, has a dog that was used to create the model for Fallout 4's Dogmeat.
  4. The Sole Survivor is shown firing a minigun from the side of an airship - confirming that air combat is not restricted to vertibirds
  5. Preston has been confirmed as a permanent companion, should he be accepted as one.
  6. As an alternative to Preston, a lass named Piper can be found at Diamond City.
  7. Piper is seen, by default, to be wearing a red leather coat, and an old-fashioned newsboy hat.
  8. Preston and Piper, along with Dogmeat and Codsworth, are only 4 companions out of "...around a dozen available companions."
  9. Pip-Boy display size has been increased in-order to show off more content that previous iterations of Bethesda's Fallout.
  10. Confirmed items: Nukes, gas-masks, books, and med-packs.
  11. Player-character can become incumbered, and is seen being murdered by a raider due to their inability to escape.
  12. Perks are confirmed for every level unlocked - unlike the previous system where a perk was unlocked every 2 levels.
  13. Bloody Mess was confirmed as an available perk.
  14. A town called Lexington, in MA, was attacked by ghouls, chasing the previous survivors there off, with the PC being told that a group has taken up recent residence there.
  15. Hacking has been confirmed - the PC is seen hacking a nearby terminal in-order to make a nearby and patrolling Protectron friendly towards them.
  16. There is a scripted scene, where after the PC picks up a nearby laser musket within a Super Duper Mart, they will be ambushed by a group of ghouls that break through some nearby windows.
  17. A Corvega power plant is a confirmed location in Fallout 4. Raiders have taken up residence, and shortly after their presence becomes known, ghouls attack the plant and raiders.
  18. A metal pipe with razor edges is confirmed as a melee weapon. It is seen to be effective against low/medium armored raiders.
  19. The PC is seen in a town-square, where an airship comes by and drops off two Brotherhood of Steel soldiers donning power armour.
  20. BoS are confirmed to be at least temporarily allied with the PC, as they are seen fighting with the PC in-order to clear out nearby raiders.
  21. Fat Man has been confirmed as an available weapon (duh!)
  22. A behemoth is seen attacking the PC and their BoS allies, in which the fat-man is used to take it down with great effectiveness.
  23. Companion romances have been confirmed, which includes same-sex romances

Taken from the blog here:http://fallout.gamepedia.com/Blog:News/QuakeCon_Live-Blog_-_7/24/2015

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