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Karmafix - TTW

There is a mod like this made by "CourierSix" but unfortunately he hasnt been online for over 8 months (as i am writing this) and have not updated it for the newest TTW version. So i figured i might as well do it. What this mod aims to do is to make ALL UNNAMED npcs (and most creatures aswell) karma set to neutral. This way you wont become a saint just for shooting a few ghouls, this also applies the other way. It does NOT change any named npcs karma so you. 

Note; that one thing i changed from CourierSix's version is that i set SOME unnamed GOOD npcs to neutral mostly wastelander tho.


NPCS/Factions that this mod changes.

Powder Gangers

Pitt Raiders and Slaves (this way you wont lose karma if you side with the raiders)

MOST Raiders


Talon Company

SOME Legionnaires (most of them were already neutral suprisingly)


Super Mutants

And much more that i have forgotten about.


LEGAL NOTICE; before anybody yells at me for stealing "CourierSix"s work please note that i have done EVERYTHING from scratch. The only thing we have in common is the idea for the mod.

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This will be a welcome

This will be a welcome addition to my load order. Thanks for this :)

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Just registered at the forum

Just registered at the forum to say THANK YOU!!!

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Welcome to the family

Welcome to the family brfritos.

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I may be missing something,

I may be missing something, but if I read correctly (and correct me if otherwise), this mod sets Super Mutants to neutral then?  So the player would get no karma for killing them?  Wouldn't this be sort of contra to 'lore' given that any human is a target for psychotic super mutant attacks? 

Wouldn't a super mutant 'hunter' be doing a service for most factions, to a more or lesser degree?  Not trying to make a strong analogy here, but maybe it is sort of like Witchers; some people value them, some put up with them for what they do but avoid them, other reasons, etc.

I recognize this is a complex issue boiled down to a game mechanic, so maybe there is no perfect solution.

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I see where you are getting

I see where you are getting at but super mutants had a karma set to Very evil which resulted in you getting 100+ karma for killing one, that means you kill 5 of them when let's say THEY attack you in DC gets you to become Saint. In reality killing a few mutants in self defense won't make you the savior of humanity does it now? Anyways this most is still mostly made to focus on playing a neutral character and make it so that the decisions you make (I.e Blowing up megaton or not) matter MORE than killing people.

Signature, why? -Me

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Ah, with my karma using

Ah, with my karma using vanilla mechanic, I must be well beyond saint then at this point though just playing as a normal wanderer killing SM's as encountered... LOL.  I never knew that.

Is there no compromise then? Instead of Very Evil, does Slightly Evil gain less?  Perhaps being a bit cheeky, but just don't know how it works.  Will have to look it up now that you've intrigued me.  Cheers!

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The real culprits may be the

The real culprits may be the game settings fKarmaModKillingEvilActor and fKarmaModKillingVeryEvilActor. The latest version of TTWFixes.esm sets fKarmaModKillingEvilActor at +5 but keeps the fKarmaModKillingVeryEvilActor at its default of +200, which is rather large. Instead of modifying every single NPC's alignment what you may consider is just modifying these Game Setting values that actually determine how much karma one receives based on actor alignment:

  • fKarmaModKillingVeryEvilActor - Default of +200 Karma.
  • fKarmaModKillingEvilActor - Default of +100 Karma (TTWFixes sets to +5).
  • fKarmaModMurderingNonEvilNPC - Default of no karma loss/gain. This is obviously "neutral" alignment.
  • fKarmaModMurderingGoodNPC - Default of -50 Karma.
  • fKarmaModMurderingVeryGoodNPC - Default of -100 Karma.

None of these are altered by TTW itself, nor are they in Fallout3.esm, either--it seems they are all built-in default values.

Of course if you modify karma values this way it'll also affect named NPCs but there are other ways around that. Then again, what karmic system determined that if you know someone's name you should get greater or lesser karmic penalties?

IMHO the problem with making all generic NPCs neutral is that the only thing stopping one from slaughtering and farming generic non-hostile NPCs for their drops (especially lucrative in Mojave as a lot more NPCs are already neutral) is one's own sense of roleplaying, which doesn't seem right from a balancing standpoint, either.

Another mod to look at is Dynamic and Rebalanced Karma, which clued me on to these values, which uses a script to dynamically modify Game Settings related to karma to make it a fair bit more challenging to stay Good while doing Evil things and rise back up to Neutral if you're Very Evil: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44453/?

It also tries to fix the "slaughtering non-hostile NPCs" by giving a small karma hit for killing any neutral NPC, though I'm not sure that entirely makes sense, either. I plan on one day making a mod to address this but it's still in the planning stages. Edit: It has materialized here, and I think may complement the OP's mod nicely: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62512/?

Either way I certainly applaud the effort and I'm sure it'll be a welcome addition to many a load order.