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Just to say thank you to the TTW Team

 I would hope that others might join me in praising what a wonderful job the team is doing. Though I don't understand most of the technical difficulties in making this project a working reality, I can understand the countless hours, tedious edits, and the sometimes underappreciated talent to bring us this "Giant" of a gaming experience.

 I have logged about 200 hrs on my current character and- thanks to following the FAQ and other advice- have only had minor issues to deal with. It is such a joy to have the Capital Wasteland and the Mohave both along with dlc's to explore. I cannot even calculate how many hours it would take me to complete everything in a vanilla game- let alone with many mods.

 This my friends, truly goes well beyond the spirit of sharing and is more akin to special gift to all gamers like myself. Thank you so very much.

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TTW is the game I can always

TTW is the game I can always come back to.  Not Fallout 3 or FNV, TTW.  Some magic appears when the two are combined with your mod.  Gotta say thank you for changing my life for the better.

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Tale of Two Wastelands is the

Tale of Two Wastelands is the mod I have enjoyed the most, for any game I have ever played, and am still playing. I wholeheartedly thank the TTW team for their efforts past and future, and everyone who has contributed to the project in any way.

Also, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2018!


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i know right? I cant tell you

i know right? I cant tell you how many hours i spent crashing because of the instability of fallout 3s mod scene. It definitely has some great mods but the stability that new vegas and its modders provided never really made its way back to fallout 3 in a lot of ways following the years of 2011. 

With the advent of the wonderful TTW, this has definitely made it pretty fantastic being able to have a breath of fresh air with some new additionally added content and also the TTW conversion script which is pretty easy to use as well for those that dont have a crazy amount of free time!