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Installation problem regarding FOMM when trying to activate TTW

Right. So yesterday I purchased Fallout 3 Game of the Year and Fallout New Vegas Game of the year (both Steam purchases)

I had already owned Fallout New Vegas for the better half of a year and had Fallout 3 on Xbox one when I purchased fallout 4.

I went to install TTW following this video (https://youtu.be/jLWPELCKYfk) and I ran into a snag when doing the FOMM step before actually activating :/

I have tried uninstalling and re installing. Installing the patch i grabbed when searching the forums last night.

PC Specs:

2x - Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93 GHz

1x - NVIDIA GeForce G210 (Ancient. But it can run New Vegas with 105 mods at 30 so i'm happy)


X64 system


(I am not that much of a computer person. Apologies)



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TTW Version Compatibility: 



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Many people have trouble

Many people have trouble getting the fomod to install after it's made... something like the 32-bit app runs out of memory while trying to handle huge fomod files. So most of the folks I've notice tend to install the fomod by hand. I did. Simply decompress and copy into the FONV data folder, then be sure to make the changes to the .ini files in your Docs\My Games\FalloutNV directory. The changes are listed in the script in the fomod archive. If you forget to make the changes to the ini files, the game will start, then hang right where you'd actually start a new game as it's activating the wrong initial quest.

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What version of FOMM?

What version of FOMM?

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Make sure you're using FOMM

Make sure you're using FOMM FORK, I've already run into this error screen a few times, mostly it was due to deleting a mod (or other file) from FOMM directories without deactive/uninstall it first, or a plugin error in NV/Data. The plugin case is easy, just restart FOMM, the mod deletion is a harder as FOMM will refuse to work correctly from there onwards (AFAIR), I had to replace the mod/file even if it was for a dummy/empty one (to make FOMM happy again \o/) - in this case I would advice you to reinstall FOMM and delete any of its previous records.

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