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IDE for Papyrus scripting?

The creation kit is just a little daunting to look at. Is there some sort of unofficial thing that I can write the scripts in that has syntax highlighting, error checker, and lastly a way to launch debug mode? Maybe it can have those lists to the far left in a hierarchy, while the main screen has the actual scripts you`re working on in front of you. 


I am not a huge fan of this window. 


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Lay out a design of what you

Lay out a design of what you think it should look like and how it should work. As time permits I might be able to add that to my list of things to do. Keep in mind though I won't be able to start on it for awhile, since I still have the following under construction: ModHelper, FOMODUtility, BSAUtility, ESXUtility, and I'm breaking out some of the existing code to make standalone applications: UninstallAllMods (working on that now, should be just about done other than cleaning it up), SearchforModFiles, and a few new ones, with one that'll be on-going. Just so I can keep track of it, drop me a note in either the modding tools thread I started, or a message of what you've designed.

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There are plenty of syntax

There are plenty of syntax highlighters for a number of different text editors: Notepad++, Vim, Atom or any other editor. I use these to do the leg work of the scripting and then just paste that into the CK or GECK I'm using.

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I use Notepad++ myself.

I use Notepad++ myself.