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Game freezes when entering cell

windows 8.1


16GB of DDR4

NMM 0.63.14

   The New Vegas load order is on the uploaded file as it looked like a unorganized pile of shit when I pasted it here. It's cleaner to look at there. Sorry for the inconvienance.


The game freezes if I am anywhere close to the supermarket when you leave megaton. I'm not sure why it happens even if I was getting 60 frames at the time. It can be from looking up or down, at any angle but if I'm too close, game freezes forever and it is forced to be deleted from task manager.   I've tried deleting my entire game, completely brand new and install only the TTW stuff(no other mods installed), still froze when I got close. It's not a personal mod issue from what I can tell nor because of my rig.


If I am missing any info, please just ask. Thank you for any help   I have the GOTY Fallout 3 and standard New Vegas with all of the bought DLCs.  

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Be sure to use the fixes.

Be sure to use the fixes. That's one of the areas I remember some having trouble with unless using TTW Fixes. Another being entering Moriarty's Saloon.