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Lil Huck
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Friendly Ghouls Glitch

I helped Roy Philips get into TPT by force. During that missions he gives you the ghoul mask. (Makes ferals friendly towards you). After the mission, I took off the mask and took it out of my inventory but every ghoul is still friendly. I disabled all of my mods but the problem still persists. I just want the ghouls to be hostile again. Honestly, I will never use the Ghoul mask again so if there is a way to just delete the effect as a dirty work around I would be fine with that too.

Win 7
i5-3570k @ 3.4
8gb of ram

Nexus manager 0.53.2
Vanilla TTW
Steam downloaded: Game of the Year 

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It could be a vanilla bug.

It could be a vanilla bug.

From the wiki:

Equipping the mask while it is broken will tell you that you cannot equip broken items. However, you permanently gain the effect of the mask, but if you unequip it you will be unable to equip it again until you repair it. [verified]

But I will take a look to see if that happens in my game.

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setenemy 1b2a4 1c6d3 would be

setenemy 1b2a4 1c6d3 would be the console command to set playerfaction to enemy of feralghoulfaction

that should be happening in the onUnequip block of the mask's script, which looks fine over here.  if this can be replicated in vanilla, we'll take a look at what's going wrong.

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Lil Huck
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Thanks Puppettron for the

Thanks Puppettron for the command, it did the trick.