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fallout 4 tale of 3 wastelands

After watching every thing about fallout 4 and then recently discovering that this site well was a site lol it got me thinking will you guys be making a tale of 3 wastelands or what ever you feel like calling it? Basically you know putting FO3 and FO:NV into FO4"s engin. 


Cause i was thinking at the end of broken steel the BOS get there hands on Vertibirds so being able to call them in in FO4 would work perfectly for FO3. And of course the power armor would be awesome to. Just think about flying around the capital wasteland with dog meat and fawx and jumping out into the middle of a battle some were in the DC ruins. 

Obviously we would have to change a few things and add in more stuff to do so think about it like a remaster. Like how there remaastering  gears of war  for the xbox one where there not just upgrading the graphics and physics but adding in 5 new chapters.

So say instead off messing with the main quest just add in more side quests or make existing quests better like the anttaginizer and that robot guy (for got his name ) quest just think about jumping out the Virtibird with some power armor on right into the middle of there battle.


Or say once you do Arcade Gannon's quest and you reunite the enclave remnants you could make it to where you could call them in at any time. Say your armor is fucked and you need some back up or you just need some supplies. Bam they show up with a fresh suit of power armor and some medical supplies and your good to go. Or say you just need a lift. I would love to fly around New Vegas with my self on the mini gun on one side and boon sniping people from the other it would be perfect. 

Same thing applies with the NCR with that radio thing they give you so you can call in some reinforcements. A Vertibird would come in and a bunch of NCR soldiers would hop off and help you out.


Now if you really want to get creative you could make Vegas so much bigger i was really disappointed on how small the strip was. The strip should have been way more than what like 6 - 7 buildings i mean come on now. Make the strip like 20 buildings ( if you can actually do that with FO4's engine that is)  make it believable. Same thing with west side, freeside, and north Vegas make it an actual city. Every thing else can stay relatively the same size. 

Oh yeah and since we can build our own town you could add in a quest to rebuild Nipton. Have part of that quest line have you go to the crimson caravan so you can have them set up a rout to Nipton. Hell if you really want to go deep into it you could have the town be an NCR town or a Legion town ect ect... but thats not a deal breaker.

Lets see remaking the vault 112  the one where you finally find your dad would be pretty easy considering we now have textures  and the like for pre war buildings. When riding in a vertibird you could land on the deck of rivet city.

Or back to the jumping out the Vertibird in to battle imagine jumping down in the middle of NCR and Legion during the battle for Hoover Damn.

i me

an i could go on and on and on and on but I'm gonna leave it here. Let me know if this is some thing that is planed or not. and if its not planed what would you personally like to do if you could make it happen. like getting to ride around in the vertibirds or rebuilding nipton stuff like that 

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We are so the baddest gang in the Wastes!

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