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Fallout 4 GOTY?

I was looking on Steam for sales on games, and I have found that there is Fallout 4 GOTY edition available including all of the DLC and the main game apparently. What is everyone`s thoughts on this new development? 

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Good for anyone who enjoys

Good for anyone who enjoys the game and wants Bethesda to continue the series or even a future TES game. I don't dislike FO4, its different from its predecessors, sure, but the fact I managed to clock a few dozen hours into the game proves its not so bad, for me least for me. That and I can mod it to my heart's content. Speaking of mods, the only thing I wish they did differently was this creation club thing. Good for those modders who want some financial support I guess, and less compatibility issues, but I still think mods should be about passion, not money. Nexus already allows people to donate to the authors they like.


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I mean if you want to try

I mean if you want to try/play Fallout 4 the GOTY edition is always the way to go. I'd wait for the next big steam sale though.

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My only thought is that if

My only thought is that if you don't have it already then wait for it to go on sale. Knowing what I know now about FO4 I should've waited instead of wasting money on it when it released. I did spend a few hundred hours on it but most of that was trying to mod it to make it not terrible.

If someones waited this long to play it then waiting for the next Steam sale won't kill them.

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Well, it's about time for me

Well, it's about time for me to get it. I always wait until the "final" version is out with all the DLCs in one package. That also gives time for a decent number of mods to be made, particularly in making the UI better since Bethesda tends to screw that up in every game.