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Fails to install into FOMM

Windows 10 64

FOMM 0.14.13

TTW 2.9.4b

First time trying to install TTW i have just cleared all the mods out of my New Vegas ultimate edition and reinstalled Fallout 3 GOTY. I have followed all the steps in the installer and when I do the package manager and attempt to activate I get this error:

" A problem occurred during install:

The execution has failed due to the bug in sevenzipsharp. please report about it to URl, post the release number and attach the archive. 

The mod was not installed."

The bar gets to about 4/5 the way done before this error comes up.

Also both my games are on steam and all of my game files and the mod mananger is on my D: Drive.

TTW Version Compatibility: 



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Empty your temporary files

Empty your temporary files folders in Windows. FOMM flips out for some reason if there is too much crap in them.

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Unfortunately i have tried

Unfortunately i have tried that and it did not fix it sadly.

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Make sure you have around 30

Make sure you have around 30-40 GB of free Hard Drive on your drive C:\.

Also make sure your protection software (antivirus, firewall, etc) are not interfering with FOMM.

And a last tip. Make sure you have 7zip from their official download site (and not from weird places like windows store).

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If all else fails, follow the

If all else fails, follow the directions on the install page for manual install. A few folks have had to resort to manual installation.