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Facts Super Post

The TTW team has created a post just for known and verified Fallout 4 facts, we will try to keep this updated. Anything found on this page can be considered to be as close to 100% confirmed as is possible at this point. If you know a fact not on this page, create a thread in the Fallout 4 - Facts forum and we will verify and add it to the main post.


  • Will be optional [Source, Thread]
  • Codsworth can be a companion [Source, Thread]
  • Dogmeat cannot die [Source, Thread]
  • Dogmeat CAN become incapacitated and require a stimpack to revive [Source, Thread]
  • Todd Howard says "[companions] can't be killed in that state" which could be implying that they can be killed if they are not your current follower. [Source, Thread]


  • There is a part of the world called "The Glowing Sea" which is where the bomb fell. [SourceThread]
  • The weather system includes rad rain in areas like the Glowing Sea [SourceThread]


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