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Dual Region Mod Questions

First off - just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone involved in TTW! I now have the Alpha 1.41 version running very nicely (seems to be much faster than RFCW as well).

I am a bit slow to mod TTW as I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to mess anything up in the process - thus I have a few questions before I begin:

1.) I want to give A World of Pain a try this time but I wasn't sure which one(s) I needed. Since I am starting in DC, do I just load the A World of Pain for Fallout 3 Mod (after changing its master to FNV)? Or do I need both the FNV and FO3 versions of AWOP installed to cover both wastelands (assuming I want AWOP to be active in both regions)? I assume I need them both but just wanted to be sure.

2.) Do I need both Enhanced Night Sky for FNV and FO3 or is the FNV version alone enough? Wasn't sure if the FNV one would be seen in the DC Wasteland or not.

3.) Has anyone used the colored maps and icons for either/both regions? I assume I need to load them both (Shiloh DS - Colored Map and icons Mod for FNV and Color Hi-Detailed map and icons Mod for FO3) to have the different maps active in each region.

4.) From reading different posts in this forum, I assume I only need the FNV Project Reality Mml for FNV to handle the weather in both regions - correct? I know about the disabling the acid rain option to prevent the game slowdown. Is there anything else to watch out for when using this mod? Or is the Nevada Skies a better option to handle the weather in TTW? 


Thanks again and sorry for the newbie questions.

Take care



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1- For AWOP you'll need the

1- For AWOP you'll need the version corresponding to whatever wasteland you'd want AWOP locations in, or both versions for both wastelands.

2- Couldn't tell ya on this one.

3- Shiloh DS is missing two icons needed for FO3 locations, although I can't remember which. Extract them From the FO3 pack and add them to Shiloh DS pack before you install and you'll only have to do it once.

4- Project Reality works out of the box, as the original version of that mod was designed specifically for the forerunner to this mod. Acid Rain is not so bad, but disable subtle DOF or you'll be in the single digit frames in the near future, and seemingly at random it sometimes gets reenabled without getting the check in MCM so remember to toggle it on and off every once in awhile.

Nskies takes some tweaking but I hear it works well these days. Someone should definitely release a compat patch for TTW in the future.

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