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Crashing after about 30-60 minutes

System Specs - Win 10, 8GB Ram, 3570k

Mod Manager - MO v1.3.11

So I've been experiencing crash's randomly in my game both in my fully modded TTW setup and my basically vanilla setup. The most recent after killing a feral ghoul outside of the collapsed tunnel behind GNR (that is the crash log from NVAC that i've attached) I've tried both the newest version of the 4GB patcher and the old updated EXE version. I've also installed CASM as i know that F:NV is famously known for its unstable auto saves. I've tried to adjust my BSA load order to reflect the one in the sticky for MO but I can't adjust any of the TTW main files as they are grayed out in MO. Could that be the root of my problems? Is there some trick I am missing or should I just extract the BSA's? Thanks ahead of time for any help.

EDIT: woops for got to mention that this is the steam GOTY for both games

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A look at your crashes.

A look at your crashes.

a 0040117A <- a bad teleport link from a door, probably corrupted navmesh, this whole first block of exceptions is related

the second one which is making the game crash is Out Of Memory.

This is due to texture packs, misconfigured NVSR or lack of the cell purging options in the ini files.

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RoyBatty wrote:

RoyBatty wrote:

lack of the cell purging options in the ini files.

Just wonder, how to config that?

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IIRC the performance guide

IIRC the performance guide has instructions for that.