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Crash ad midnight

I just downloaded the latest version of TTW and installed it this weekend. I've tried to use TTW in the past but always had issues with it crashing. And this weekend has not been any different.

Before I go any further, let me be clear about the fact that I have a lot of custom mods in my FNV setup. One of the recommendations is to strip TTW down to its bare essentials, but that kinda ruins the whole point of it for me. The reason I want to get TTW working is to get it to work with the mods that I have for FNV. If the only option is to run TTW without other mods, I'd rather go back to the heavily modded FO3 version that I have.

And just to be clear, I'm not complaining about a problem with TTW. I am perfectly willing to accept that it may be crashing because of my mod setup. That said, I'm hoping someone can help with this particular crash.

I've had FO3 for years, but never played Operation Anchorage. I've done all of the other DLC and the rest of the game, but never got around to Anchorage before. So, I played through that, and didn't have any issues. Then I started a new character, put some more tweaks in to hack TTW into my custom start mod for FNV (a mod I created myself). I have no idea if the custom start mod is related to the problem or not. Anyway, I started TTW and didn't have any problem as a baby, until Dad takes me out into the hallway. Then TTW crashed. I think this is related to me using a custom race. No biggie. I modified my start mod to skip the baby part and the birthday party and go right to Vault 101 when all of the alarms go off. And it still crashed. And digging through the GECK I discovered that there is still a call to set the player's age, which again I think borks due to me having a custom race. So I modified it again to dump me out at the entrance to Vault 101. I may go back and tinker with that later, but for now, that worked.

At least it worked until I got to Megaton. I went into the bar, talked to Gob, etc. then as it was getting late, I tried to wait until the next morning. And the game crashed. Playing around with it, I discovered that it seems to crash at midnight in game time. I could wait until 11:30 or so, but at the next hour tick, the game crashed.

I have a vague recollection that some of the vendor replenishment scripts run at midnight, game time. I think. Does anyone know what these are?

Does anyone know any other reason why this might be crashing?

And again, just to be clear, I am perfectly willing to admit that it may be my combination of mods that is causing the issue. I would just like to know where it is crashing so that I can hopefully figure out a workaround. And if someone knows why it is crashing and knows how to fix it, that would be even better.

Thanks in advance for any help.

In case it is important, Windows 10, Steam version of FNV (heavily modded), TTW installed from GOTY version of FO3. My version of FO3 is heavily modded, but I copied an unmodified version of FO3 that I had saved for the TTW install.

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I can't say why the game is

I can't say why the game is crashing, what I can say is that TTW is very stable and that usually the crashes are because of the FNV engine (those are usually random crashes) and the usual reason are other mods.

Players should not play with a custom race unless that race has a child race and having a old race might help too. Because in Fallout 3 there are a few times that the game will call a child race for your character, for example the beginning, Tranquility Lane and the start of Broken Steel (those are the ones I remember from the top of my head).

Custom start mods are also not compatible because TTW needs to assign some values at the start of the game and during the train ride to the other wasteland, so the game knows which wasteland worldspace the character is on at that moment.

The thing about TTW is not that it should be strip down to its bare essentials. We have tons of mods already converted from Fallout 3 to run on TTW and almost all the Fallout New Vegas mods work too (probably around 95% of all FNV mods work with TTW). The recommendation is to start TTW without any mods that do not need to be activated at the start of the game and then activate them once you get out of the Vault 101 cave into the wasteland for the first time.

We can't help without your full Load Order, because this crash seems like a mod compatibility and there might be many mods causing problems, but we wouldn't know because we have no idea what mods you're using.


Hope you can play TTW without any problems soon.

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It's hard to isolate crashes

It's hard to isolate crashes if you start off with a big list of mods.  Much better to install a bare minimum of mods, test them, then install a few more and test those.  Repeat until all mods are installed.  Then usually when you crash you know it's a conflict or issue with one of the last few mods you installed.

Based on your problem description though, it sounds like your custom race mod may be the problem.

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Just in case anyone else has
Just in case anyone else has a similar problem, I went through the long and painful process of stripping FNV down to a bare minimum plus TTW, then adding mods until it broke. At this point I have everything added back into the game except for a couple of item and clothing mods, so I don't know which mod specifically broke it, but it was one of those. My custom race was not the issue, though there are some issues with custom races related to the fact that the custom race doesn't have a child race that points back to the custom race (which is a known issue with TTW). I have to change the race back at the exit of Vault 101 and I found a mod which is supposed to handle Tranquility Lane, so I'm good to go there. I have also discovered that the TTW readius fix doesn't completely fix the Readius Pipboy. I have to manually add and equip the PipBoy using the console to get it to show up in-game. Other than that, I have everything working that I wanted to get working.