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Capital Caravan - Play Caravan in DC

I've added the ability to play Caravan in the Capital Wasteland with 19 pre-existing Npcs, complete with Dialogue and Lip sync.

If you don't have a Caravan Deck, Speak to Gob in Megaton. "I'm Bored, is there anything to do to pass the time?" He will provide you with a Caravan Deck and Instructions on how to play.

(see ReadMe for Caravan Players/Locations)


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Thanks for this mod! However

Thanks for this mod! However I found it a bit hard to win without being able to buy more cards, so I made my own little plugin which adds up to 4 random Base Caravan Cards to all General Store vendors in DC so the player to customize their deck without having to go to the Mojave Wasteland.

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