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Can't trade with human merchants at tenpenny tower

So I try to trade with Chief Gustavo and the other human merchants at Tenpenny tower and the window never opens it just stays at the dialog screen. Haven't experienced this at Rivet City or Megaton or the wandering merchants. (or the robot bartender in the tower). It only occurs Gustavo, Lydia, Margaret, Anothny and Docror Banfield, If i let the ghouls into the tower there shops work normally.

After much experimenting, I discovered the problem is TTW_Reputation as if I turn it off I can shop with the humans fine. But I don't know what in the mod could be causing this.

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If you killed Burke or

If you killed Burke or disarmed the nuke, that may have made the Tenpenny faction not like you. Not enough to gun you down, but enough to not trade with you.