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Can the engine handle TTW, AWOPNV, TTW Interiors, all uncuts and Autumn Leaves?

I ask this because someone said the NV engine cannot handle TTW 3.0 and the Frontier both.

So I'm afraid if the engine can't handle TTW with other heavy mods such as AWOP, uncuts and so on. (including freeside/strip open)


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...it's not like every cell

...it's not like every cell is loaded simultaneously. Outside of plugin limitations there's no reason you can't add any arbitrary number of mods that add cells/worldspaces, barring inter-mod conflicts of course.

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Well, memory can be an issue

Well, memory can be an issue - both system and video. For system ram, be sure to set the 4G flag for the program, and set the heap replacement in NVSR. For video, use fewer/no high-def texture packages, get a video card with more vram, or use ENB to move the textures into a separate process from the game.

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The reason why the engine

The reason why the engine probably cannot handle TTW and the Frontier, is due to all the added NPCs being processed in the backgroung, and related data (sandbox locations, inventories, that sorta stuff). That's an assumption mind, and I don't know how it would actually fare. You'd have to give it a go and see for yourself.

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I think it's more likely that

I think it's more likely that it's the additional large worldspace, in addition to a lot of that.

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I've used TTW, TTW Interiors,

OP, I've used TTW, TTW Interiors, TTW version of AWOP and Autumn Leaves before in a playthrough.  Hell I even had house of horrors and beyond boulder dome on the same playthrough as well.  No clue about Frontier I've never played that mod.



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Autumn Leaves can be played

Autumn Leaves can be played with TTW + TTW Interiors + Uncut, only the game became less stable in my case, so I removed Autumn Leaves after finishing it.