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I have two questions:

I have two questions:

1. Risewild has brought up a very good point about how STR requirements for heavy weapons hardly do anything. Totally agree. So the question is - can THAT be fixed? Like significantly increasing spread to the point where it gets very hard to hit anything that's not standing at point-blank range if you're short 5 or so STR, maybe increasing time to un-holster and reload? Is any of that feasible?

2. this one is derived the #1 - what penalties would be applied if we lack the skill, e.g. try to use minigun with only 5-10 skill? If it's just the spread then the argument about crouching and Steady applies here as well and we hardly gain anything by bringing back the skill. Especially with weapons that are primarily used at close range anyway, like flamers.

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Weapon Skills affect accuracy

Weapon Skills affect accuracy and damage. At max in a skill you're dealing twice the damage using a weapon from that skill. So if you're using a skill with just 5-10 ranks in a skill, you're doing just 5-10% more damage with the weapon, if you have 60, you're doing 60% more damage, etc.

So if you have 100 on a weapon skill, you are dealing twice as much damage and that can factor in a few different ways. You are saving ammunition (you reduce the ammo needed to kill an enemy by half), you're increasing the longevity of your weapon by twice (kill things in half the amount of shots, means your weapon durability only decreases half of what it would). You save healing items (if you kill things in half the time, you get hit only half of the time too), etc.

All of the above can't be countered by just using Steady and crouching.

It also affects being able to pick some perks because they have skill requirements.

What the inclusion of Big Guns would also mean (as mentioned before) is that we wouldn't need to keep the edits to FO3 part of TTW that we had to remove, because the skill was gone. These are things like the Big Guns Skill book locations, the Big Guns Bobblehead, The Big Guns G.O.A.T. related questions and stuff like that.

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I guess it would be better

I guess the perks would be better suited for an optional/mod.