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The Best Day to Release TTW 3.0.0

October 23rd. It would be the perfect day to release the update. Let's just hope the bombs don't strike first.

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Of the year 2077 .

Of the year 2077 .

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idunno, i think the best day

idunno, i think the best day would be "when it's ready for release"

but an auspicious day for release would be grand.

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I'm just pleased that TTW 3.0

I'm just pleased that TTW 3.0 IS in the making at all!  By reading the dev logs and all the changes that are being integrated into the new installer is simply amazing.  I think by remaining patient for all of these changes will be totally worth the wait, regardless how long it takes.  I'd rather the TTW Team spend longer time to come up with a closer to bug-free update versus releasing it early and be filled with more bugs than just waiting.  I, too, am itching to get my hands on the TTW 3.0 version!  I totally agree with Puppetron's comment.  The best day for release is when the Team decides it's ready for public preview/download.  Like any other software out there, it's bound to have bugs due to how diverse everyone's computer specs are, how big their load order is (mods and their compatibility), etc.  However, the TTW Team is working very hard to make the new update be as enjoyable as possible for everyone once released!

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