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Antagonizer companion request


This is one of my favorite companions from Fallout 3 so I'm hoping if it's even possible,to convert this for use with TTW?

TTW Version Compatibility: 



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I found a version of this mod

I found a version of this mod that was already converted. I hear there are some problems with it (I quickly skimmed the comments of the conversion). Here is the link to the converted mod page:


I hope it helps you.

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I believe the above link is

I believe the above link is for an older version of the mod. I've run the conversion of the most recent version myself, but I haven't played through the whole quest line yet to say for sure whether or not its works as it should. I did have to do some fiddling around with the scripts, though: one of the things that I love about this mod is how it's interwoven with Fallout 3's vanilla quests. But that does make it a bit of a nuisance to convert to TTW, particularly if you're using any of the optional plugins (DC Reputation was a big one), since you need to modify the scripts and recompile them in the GECK.

I did the same thing with the mod a couple of years ago when I last played through TTW, and it worked beautifully. I can't remember if it was the same version of the mod, though: I know it wasn't the same version of TTW. When I actually get my load order here pinned down and I can do a serious playthrough and can confirm that everything works properly, I can see about asking grigoriprime for his permission to release it.