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Anchorage: Entering Sim.

Hello! I'm having quite an odd glitch that i haven't seemed talk around the forums. In Anchorage when my Character enters the pod everything is fine, shows the blue light - and I enter the sim... sorta. The land, weather, even the NPCs have loaded. The problem is my Character is broken. I have no hud, can't move accept to look up. When i use TCL (No Clip) I am only allowed to go straight up or straight down. Using TFC (Flying Camera) I am unable to see my character. I traveled around the area with TFC and found that nothing else was wrong with the world. I've Already done another DLC: The Pitt, and had no problems what so ever with it. I Have uninstalled all other mods and still have the same issue. I'm truly stumped on what to do, any help or recommendations would be truly helpful. Thank you for reading! 

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