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Alien Pump-Action Shotgun

I'm requesting a mod that add an alien pump action shotgun. It'd look a bit like the holorifle, but a bit more alien-ish. It would hold 6 shots and fire 7 alien blaster projectiles and have a unique shooting sound that sounds like an alien boomstick. It would also hold its own ammo, alien power shells. These would have the same properties as alien power modules (armor penatration and such) and be crafted from 3 alien power modules. The weapon would have no mods like the other alien weapons. The damage output is a bit higher than the hunting shotgun and can desintegrate enemies, but uses projectiles, and has a slightly slower fire rate. I think that you should find this weapon near where you reclaim your stuff the aliens confiscated. Like on a desk or in a container or something.

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