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So is it cool if I ask when

So is it cool if I ask when (roughly) 3.0 will be released? this year? Q2 next year? just a rough time frame would satisfy my itch. just got a gtx 1080. ill finally be able to play TTW with all the mods my heart desires. last time it took me a week to pack in all the mods i wanted. i dont want to setup 2.9 just to see 3.0 come out the week after. i dont think i could simply update without breaking everything too. i love this project so much. please keep up the great work. You Guys Are The Best!


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Really, the best course of

Really, the best course of action is to develop this as vanilla as possible, and provide mods to mold or "fix" issues. Everyone can have their cake and eat it too.


There needs to be cake added to the game.

And not some lie about cake, but actual cake.

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The overhall will come out

The overhall will come out when its ready. I sence it being a case of squeezing in more bug fixes, RL time contrainsts, But it will release! i was myself going to do a 2.9 run myself, but having a look through the bug fixes, im holding off! So have patiance, and it will come, just not half baked like half the games that are released these days. I do have a question for the development team however, Will a list/section be released of what mods are going to be made compatable by you guys, and which mods we do as the players? As i dont mind putting in the leg work, as long as there is instuctions how to do so ^^ i know from roy that NV mods for the most part will be fine (other then some leveling lists, and i wont pretend to understand that) But will there be some sort of list of mods we as players fix outselves with insturctions how to do so? as from my understanding from past posts quite a bit has changed which might make some mods unstable if just copy pasted!

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Couldn't you guys make the %

Couldn't you guys make the % optional using JIPLN by having it switch based on the set value. Like if at set value of 50, the % value would instead be 50%, or whatever balance you guys think is better.

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A lot of my favorite mods or

A lot of my favorite mods or indie games on the internet are disapearing most by legal dmca take downs. I feel like I need to log in here and download the latest version even though I am pretty sure you guys collaborate with bethesda, but I still felt the need to post here. This is one of my favorite mods of all time, I don't think I could play fallout 3 or new vegas alone without it.

Keep up the good work, and as far as integration standards, you guys keep it very professional, which I really like, there not just a doorway portal to new vegas, it is professionally integrated. which you do not see in a lot of mods.

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We don't collaborate with

We don't collaborate with Bethesda, but we very much love them and their games. So we do whatever we can to stay on their good side and have been making more extreme efforts to do so. We also highly encourage the purchase of their games from steam or gog, and have a 0 tolerance for pirates.

We hope TTW stays around forever, we love working on it and we don't ever want to have to take it down.

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Why make TTWs VATS like FO3s?

Why make TTWs VATS like FO3s? New Vegas had better VATS mechanics, FO3s were broken.

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bill wrote:

bill wrote:


Why make TTWs VATS like FO3s? New Vegas had better VATS mechanics, FO3s were broken.

That is an optional (like all the points in that section of the OP). So people who want to play Fallout 3 with FNV stuff or people who want to play FNV with FO3 stuff can pick to play with FO3 VATS if they want to.

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Yossarian wrote:

Yossarian wrote:


RoyBatty wrote:

To say that New Vegas is setup differently than Fallout 3 in this regard is complete and utter nonsense. They both make use of the leveled spawns and encounter zone systems. The DLC's are setup in almost the exact same way in both games. New Vegas makes less use of the encounter zones in the wasteland (which are setup by region) but it still makes use of them in many areas.


Leveled spawns make sense in most cases, but the consistency of an environment shouldn't be sacrificed for it.

Leveling a Death-Claw, Giant Radscorpion or Yai-Gui to Level 50 makes sense, because these creatures are general strong enemies and should be so at all levels.

It also makes sense to level NPCs, Ghouls or Super-Mutants, as having them as strong foes doesn't influence the consistency at all.

However, you shouldn't replace a gecko with a Radscorpion at L20. A Gecko should level until maybe Level 15 and be capped there, but if you replace him with another critter type, you change the entire environment of the region.

For example Geckos are resources. People hunt them for hide and meat. Nobody would hunt a Radscorpion. If now at L20 all Geckos suddenly become Radscorpions, the nearby towns can't survive anymore. Also, if every prey gets replaced by dangerous predators at some point, then the whole ecosystem would collapse.

There are many Open World Games such as Far Cry or all these MMORPGs, that just place predators on every corner to have proper loot and challenge, without questioning if this would hurt the authenticity of the world. I find it very hard to take such games serious.

I'm just suggesting not to throw all world consistency to the dump for the sake of balancing, if you plan to rework the entire level system of all TTW.

I agree with this, I hope it'll be optional. I like static world as much as possible. Stomping on geckos and bloatflies around GS at level 20+ and still having a hard time in quarry junction at level 30. Now I hope I won't burst any bubble cause I didn't really understand what Roy was saying. But still to put golden geckos around goodspring seems absurd to me. I hope it's optional.. like super mutant rebalance or sth... Thank you guys!
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You realize there is random

You realize there is random spawns around goodsprings that place bark scorpions and even cazadors right?

It was clearly stated it would be optional from the start, please read before jumping to conclusions.

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Regarding the idea that

Regarding the idea that bloatflies just won't appear anymore at higher levels, I feel like a person could have his or her cake and eat it too, pretty easily here.  You'd have a random chance to have an encounter that the player could stomp, such as bloatflies hovering around a radioactive pond, at any level.  It's just that at a higher character level, there would be a chance for that encounter to be nightstalkers instead.

And at lower character levels, that would just never happen.  I don't know if this is called soft unleveling or not, but the way I'd describe it is, some enemy encounters would really be just for 'flavor,' and the fact that the player can curbstomp them is irrelevant.  But at higher player levels, that encounter may be replaced with a challenge for the player character.  It just would not always happen, and at lower levels, it never (or almost never) would.

I don't know how much work I'm suggesting here.  Probably a lot.  But if we're talking about leveling the entire wasteland anyway, maybe a more curated approach like this is available.

I would rather this, and core, than "all bloatflies are radscorpions at level 20" existing in TTW and being optional.