What does the future have in store for TTW?

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There's a lot of you wondering what direction TTW is taking.

Let me take some time to explain my vision for the future, where TTW is headed and what I'd like to see or implement.

Lets start with what has been done or implemented already for 3.0 without quoting huge portions of the change log which you can find here if you want a more in depth record.

The Past:

Quoting Jax, the aim of TTW was to bring Fallout 3 and it's DLC up to New Vegas standards mechanics wise.

So this is the very first thing I addressed. All the esm's for Fallout 3 have been brought up to plugin version 1.34 from 0.94, this included updating all form versions to the current one and updating all the navmeshing. For me this not only meant game play wise, but also the plugin and technical level, so that is the reasoning behind that. Not only does this make TTW more stable, but it also makes it behave in the engine better and increases compatibility with tools and mods.

Website outage

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Due to a database error and repeated DDOS attacks at our hosting company (unrelated to this site) we had to restore a backup of the site's database. Consequently, if you created an account here in the last couple weeks you'll need to recreate it. Thank you for your patience this week while we resolved this technical issue.

Big Guns

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Our resident magician jazzisparis has made it possible for us to restore the Big Guns skill. It would be an addition and no skill would be lost or replaced as it's still in the game, just disabled. We would like to hear your opinions about including it by default in TTW or if it should be optional.

We'd also like to know what you think about the potential list of weapons that would be restored to use the skill, and a few that could be changed to use it.

Since this change could be highly controversial we really want to know what our users and members think about such a change. Please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts.

Happy News.

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I brought you the news of a new member joining our team.

Now I bring you the news of a member leaving (not related with the new member arriving).

Darthbdaman has decided to leave the team .

We the TTW team thank him for all the time, effort and work he offered us and this project and wish the best for his life and work.

The door will always be open if anything changes in the future.

darthbdaman has reconsidered after Roy pleaded with him to change his mind.

Public Poll

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We are asking our community to please vote on this poll.

We want to know if you are OK with Tale of Two Wastelands requiring the JIP LN plugin.

It will make our job much easier and reduce the load of having our custom tweaks be in a separate TTW NVSE plugin. It will also expand what we can do in terms of fixing bugs in the game.

Thank you to our community and fans for your continued interest and support of Tale of Two Wastelands.


A New Member Appears!

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Attention TTW community.

The TTW team just got a new member.

Who is this amazing person that had the right stuff to rise so high as to become part of our team?

Get your hands together and give a round of applause to....


The newest addition to our little happy (and sometimes grumpy too) family!

Armor Options and Updates

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For the 3.0 release we are planning on having a variety of new optional features. One of these is the Additional Armors option, which adds many new armors to the different factions around the Capital Wasteland, and will be controlled through the TTW MCM. This will be an overly long explanation for how the Additional Armors option works and some of the others changes that had to be made to accommodate that in 3.0. Enjoy :)

More awesome news

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We already told you about the awesome Rock-it Launcher fix, now it is time to reveal more things.

The next version of TTW will include another two features that would have been impossible without some awesome magic, they are:

Weapons that ignore DT/DR will finally be fixed and ignore damage reduction and damage threshold like they should have from the start. Now Deathclaw and Yao Guai Gauntlets, Rippers, Chainsaws, Thermic Lances, Industrial Hands, etc are all fun to play with again!

A repair system similar to the one from Fallout 3 is now possible to implement on TTW. No more being able to repair everything to 100% with low repair skill, this also makes it so that the vendors that repair equipment will be more useful.

These two things should be toggleable in the TTW MCM.


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