Modding Bounties - Cash for Quality Conversions

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There are some mods that need to get converted that are difficult to convert.  So, some bounties may be in order.  These are out of my own pocket, not out of the web server fund.  These only apply to 100% complete, 100% working, high-quality conversions.

  • Mothership Zeta Crew - bounty: $200 //claimed//
  • Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX)  - bounty: $200 to $300 //claimed//
  • Vurt's Flora for Fallout 3 and Vurt's for NV megamerge - bounty $200 + $30 = $230 //claimed//

Click 'read more' for all the details.

A World Of Pain FO3

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Mod by DJ Mystro - Harderman - Roy Batty

A World Of Pain adds new areas and "rumble zones" to DC. The areas are designed to be difficult and offer increased challenge. This mod was created by DJ Mystro and is a fantastic addition to the Capital Wasteland and works well in conjunction with DC Interiors and Busworld.

I ask that you download and endorse the original mod on the nexus in a show of appreciation for DJ Mystro's work, it can be found here

NVSE is now REQUIRED for this conversion.

You may want to fire any followers before traveling to DLC's, I'll fix them following you in the next update.

They will go to the Muddy Rudder or the Atomic Wrangler depending on which wasteland you are in at the time.

TTW 2.6.3a Released

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Happy June everyone, we were shooting for a Memorial Day release, but had to make some extra changes to improve the installer. This new version is mostly installer upgrades to reduce issues and help us troubleshoot the ones that pop up anyway, but it also includes all of the TTW hotfixes and more...
Post the install log (Documents/My Games/Tale Of Two Wastelands) in this thread if you have any problems.

TTW - Fallout 3 & New Vegas Redesigned

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This is a conversion and merge of Fallout 3 Redesigned (Project Beauty) and Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2

You can use them separately or together, the assets from the original mods will be needed for use. They are available at the following Nexus pages.

Installation instructions are in the spoilers below.

The DLC plugins for Fallout 3 Redesigned were merged into the master. The Mart's Mutant Mod patch was updated to TTW standards and ONLY works with PainTrain's MMM conversion for TTW.

TTW Fixes: Official bugfix pack for TTW

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This mod is for vanilla FO3/FNV only, it does not and will never attempt to fix TTW issues.

I'm not much on making big sexy mod description pages, so I'll just say 99.5% of the credit goes to Yukichigai and his upstream sources (for YUP) as well as BenWah, Quazzy, and hairylegs222 and their upstream sources (uUFO3P.) Additional credit goes to AWZ, DekoMan91, sesom, tunaisafish, & Urbex and of course the TTW Team. Without all those people this mod wouldn't exist.

Nevada Skies TTW Edition

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Hello Everybody

I've created a Nevada Skies Addon for TTW, find it at my Nexus Download Page.

I just recently started to play TTW, so I can't tell 100% if everything works as supposed, as it has been a long time since I played Fallout 3. If you find any weird weather bugs belonging to TTW please let me know here.

Please put it very late in your load order, or there is a high chance, that it will not work.

Project Nevada Patch

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Provides compatibility between Project Nevada's features and Tale of Two Wastelands by:

- Removing duplicate weapons, ammo, and armor along with adding PN's chargeable weapon feature to select Fallout 3 weapons.
- Adding enhanced vision modes and visor vision to appropiate headwear.
- Allowing certain FO3 characters to perform cybernetic surgery and the ability to find PN's implants in the Capital Wasteland.
- Rebalancing food and drink to comply with TTW's standards and PN's. (WIP)


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